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CamFeed to the Sky


The boots hanging up above had accompanied me for three years across three significant places: Ann Arbor while I attended college, Lake Orion where I lived with my parents in 2020, Detroit where I gardened and lived in the summer of 2021, and Ann Arbor again as a memory of what they once were, now replaced by new boots.

Lighting them and the ceiling above is footage from all three places, taken at the same time on the same day in the same orientation, shot by people I hold dear who currently reside in each place.

Accompanying the installation is a guitar melody that was recorded in each location as I developed it, and corresponds with the footage of the sky overhead.

When the boots seem to walk, they do so in the two locations not depicted by the sky.

Major highways of Southeast Michigan are taped out on the floor, dotted with mirrors that center the boots within them when a person stands in one of the three significant locations on the map.


In (Thirds/Threes)

The process of creating LODTAA is explored in the following personal essay.